Approaching 10min drip and only 10% finished.
15min took cap off and stirred to fill cup,result is a cloudy brown instead of rich black.

Do not lift and stir. Sediment thick at the bottom.

Possibly do a medium grind. Finely ground clumps too much.
Or do not press top down too tight.
15min brew. Good color, warm temp

More water needed, bitter.

10min brew is very good. Not too burnt. A little dark in color, high sediment.

At this rate 8oz product per 20mins.

Gonna combine A and B to refridge.

Filtered out the cold brew today. Yielded 1500ml. Hard to clean up, I want to work out of an industrial kitchen. My Hario ceramic coffee grinder came in today. Woot woot. Time to go search for the perfect blend. Also picked up a 2 gallon water dispenser that could potentially be useful. Bottling straight from the pitcher was quite easy. A funnel would make it easier. Reminder to not get frustrated at my tablet and just restart it.

Getting more people hyped on this bvc train. Cold brewed the chicory tonight. 2cups of chicory 12cups water. Brewed 1045 2/5. Let’s see how that turn out.

Have to focus on consistency. Gotta work harder and more efficient.

Only progress made today was that our first batch did not separate and tasted the same after 3days. Also making condensed milk was too troublesome. Need to divide the research. Need more manpower and phins.

Also chicory does not taste good, can’t understand why just yet. Developing a good blend will be key.

Day 1

Calling it day 1 today as we bought our first set of supplies to test the basics. Typing this from my tablet because I didn’t charge my laptop but in general this is my preferred blogging format. Short, erratic, semi coherent, non cohesive, weird word wordings.

Things bought today:

2 phins. I think they’re 8oz phins definitely bigger than the one we didn’t buy. Mitsufune? Sounds legit
Cafe du Monde and trung Nguyen’s gourmet blend.
Sua long tho condensed milk with real milk

At first tasting trung is definitely in a higher class in overall taste color and smell. We bottled a straight black coffee that gave us a kick start for the whole night, still jittery 2 hours later.

We’re having problems with the volume as it only produces about 6-8oz of actual coffee. Need more filler. Cooked up a condensed soy milk, haven’t seen how it turned out yet..

Gonna need to buy a grinder soon as well as measuring cups, weigh scale, thermometer, and a kettle.

Cheers to Day1 !